12 Mar 2012 WKWSCI Students’ Final Year Project Focuses on Hawker SOS — Who will take over?
The Sunday Times, Lifestyle, 11 Mar 2012, page 26-27
Four students from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information – Ng Tze Min, Lim Yi Han, Lei Jia Hui and Sheryl Teo – who are writing about Singapore’s hawker culture for their final year project, contributed an article on the loss of Singapore’s vibrant street food culture as the better educated children of the first generation of hawkers are unlikely to take over these businesses. Among them is Mr Lee Tete, a first-generation hawker, who started selling noodles from a roadside cart in the Yio Chu Kang area before moving 30 years ago to his Chia Keng Kway Teow stall at Chong Boon Food Centre, where he is famous for selling mee pok tar. His wife, Mdm Lim Siew Hoong said they have worked hard selling mee pok tar for more than 50 years and achieved a good reputation. It is really a pity to give it all up just like that.

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